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 A new wager/challenge for WOPDANG

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A new wager/challenge for WOPDANG Empty
PostSubject: A new wager/challenge for WOPDANG   A new wager/challenge for WOPDANG I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2015 3:59 pm

Okay, so Wopdang, we do get along just fine but once we're both in the same Strongholds room it seems to be an annoyance to the others stuck in the room as we're both contesting who's mother has eaten the most spunk in the last 24 hours<---yours is still a couple pints ahead btw. So I propose a challenge that might help us both curb our tongues(insert yo momma joke here) and save the others the grief that we impose upon them on a fairly consistent basis.

The game will be called "Shut The Fuck Up", this is a very apt name since Hobo once used this term to convince one other Clanmate that he may be running his mouth too much in a Stronghold match.heh

I think it's fair and simple and only applies during stronghold matches. We set a two week window from the start to the finish. We will be competing for total boxes earned during that 2 week period, less one box for each time you've been told to "shut the fuck up" I'm also allowing "Zip it" for those unable to swear due to proximity of family members with sensitive ears.

I'm thinking that only one "STFU" per member in the company(we can't STFU Each other btw) per match should count as a -1 box and if you get STFU'ed by the caller it's -2 boxes.
Obviously you're going to say that I play a lot more and have more friends in the game so the deck will be stacked against you. But you are definitely a superior shootist so you should have a fairly good chance of beating me simply if you STFU.

Standard Bet, my candy bar against my dubbing you the name that we've duelled over previously. " Let's get 'er on big mouth"(what I said to your mom last night)... accept the challenge Smart ass.

We'll have to be on the honour system and keep track of how many STFU's were received on any given stronghold night.(we've always dealt square with each other so this should be easy.. not to mention there are at least 5 witnesses each night)

If any officers/callers disapprove of this challenge feel free to Nix it, especially if so many peeps are calling out "Shut the fuck up" that no one can hear the call.

Guys please be fair about it, consider yourselves Scrutineers, don't fire off STFU's at him likes it's the 4th of July, don't team kill Wopdang at the end of a match and then STFU him when he asks "who the fuck shot me?" Keep it honest, when he's honestly annoying he'll hang himself.
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A new wager/challenge for WOPDANG
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